TAF aims at creating a supportive ecosystem for the artisan community that promotes the traditional art form of our county through a portfolio of capacity building programs and services.

We primarily focus on design interventions and marketing capabilities. This is done through a combination of hands-on training programs, workshops, exhibitions and mentoring programs. Our goal is to ensure higher price value realization for the artisan and a sustainable livelihood for them and their community.

As a part of our outreach program, TAF conducts various handicraft exhibitions that offer a number of opportunities for our artisans to target larger audiences and exhibit a wide variety of handicrafts. Our aim is to create awareness in society about age-old art forms of India, and to encourage and promote handcrafted eco-friendly products. We conduct exhibitions in corporates, colleges, schools and establishments, where either our artisans or we showcase their handcrafted products that represent the richness and uniqueness of various cultures and traditions.

Our exhibitions are a small effort towards providing a regular marketing platform where the artisan gets to directly experience the urban market, its trends and requirements. The proceeds of sales made at these exhibitions go directly to the artisan and their family. These events not only support the income-generation but also lead to socio-economic independence of artisans.

The Times Of India

Monday, February 29, 2016